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smoothee offers convenient storage for herbs & flowers — it's the functional container that fits in your pocket

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glass container

smoothee is a pocket-sized jar made of shatter-resistant, laboratory grade borosilicate glass—perfect for storage of herbs & flowers

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smoothee with removable stainless steel poker tool

portable tool

smoothee tool does two things really well: it stands on flat surfaces and snaps into the glass for easy travel

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our mission

smoothee exists to introduce and strengthen human connections with plant medicine

smoothee matcha tea


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90% of the global population has a daily relationship with caffeine (🤯) — yet most of us never consider the source of our favorite stimulant.

in recent years, our team has discovered guayusa tea and ceremonial-grade matcha as amazing coffee alternatives; they give us better energy and do it with a cleaner & greener supply chain.

we use smoothee to matcha-on-the-go. this pocket-sized functional stash jar is designed to carry and dispense plant energy with a simple tap.

smoothee mushroom powder


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we're obsessed with plants and fungi — especially functional mushrooms, which strengthen our immune system and offer many more documented benefits.

smoothee makes it easy to add functional mushroom powders like Stamets 7 to any situation.

if you're new to the world of functional mushrooms, we recommend researching Dr. Paul Stamets — an absolute legend and pioneer in the fantastic field of fungi.

what will you carry in your smoothee?

smoothee amanita muscaria


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we embrace the plants that expand our perspective.

we are supporters of naturopathic remedies — including the amazing and well-documented benefits of plants for mood, cognition and consciousness.

we seek to expand society's understanding and respect for entheogens by supporting organizations like MAPS.