preserve the herb

grind the herb, fill up a smoothee— carry the freshness in a new and convenient way

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"It’s time to say hello to the smoothee, literally the perfect solution for bringing pre-ground flower on the go."

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portable multi-tool

just about the size of a lighter—smoothee is the only stash jar with a removable stainless steel tool

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  • John B.

    "I still carry the smoothee in my to-go bag every damn day because of how perfectly sized it is!"

  • Kelsey H.

    "Great design, great simplicity, and it's standing the test of time as a solid EDC item!"

  • Kali P.

    "smoothee keeps product fresh in a discreet, easy-to-carry format."

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smoothee exists to strengthen human connections with plant medicine


knowledge base

how do you open smoothee?

hold the smoothee cap the same way you would hold the cap on a bottle of soda. smoothee has two tabs on either side that flex when you squeeze the cap. while squeezing these tabs, pull smoothee down with your other hand to separate the glass vial from the cap.

stem is hard to pop out of the cap

the smoothee stem fits tightly into the cap to ensure an airtight seal. if you want to make it easier to remove it, simply slide the stem up and down rapidly to cause friction. this will warm up the plastic and help make it easier to slide the stem through the cap.

how small is smoothee?

smoothee is about 3" tall and 0.8" in diameter—it's very small and designed to fit in your pocket.

smoothee materials & components

smoothee includes a borosilicate glass vial, a stainless steel stem and a food-grade polypropylene cap.

what is borosilicate glass?

Borosilicate glass is made of boron trioxide and silica. It's used in manufacturing laboratory equipment because it's shatter resistant and non-reactive (in fact, it can store nuclear waste!).

is smoothee airtight and smell-proof?

smoothee cap was designed to make a nice, snug seal that keeps aromas locked inside and prevents outside air from getting inside.

smoothee is a certified child-resistant container

Yes, smoothee is certified Child-safe by third party laboratory. if you'd like to see our certificate, please email us at