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optimize your PAX dry herb vaporizer

PAX Labs in San Francisco designs one of the best dry herb vaporizers available today. First launched in 2012, the PAX dry herb vaporizer has evolved a lot in the last 12 years, and the new PAX PLUS is proof that something great can always get better.  The PAX Plus consistently delivers flavorful vapor with minimal maintenance.

If you own a PAX dry herb vaporizer, here are a few recommendations for optimizing your experience:

keep your PAX device clean for optimal results

After every sesh, quickly tap out all of the spent material before the oven cools down. Use a metal tool like the smoothee stem to scrape any of the build up remaining in the PAX oven after every use. This consistent maintenance will minimize build up and maximize flavor. If the PAX is beginning to taste "harsh", use a cotton swab to wipe out any residue in the oven while the device is still hot. Deep Clean (weekly): You can remove the screen and wipe out the oven and vapor channel with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol applied to a cotton swab. Remove the mouthpiece, then push the cotton swab through the hole from one end to the other end of the device (use smoothee stem to push it through). This will force out any residue in the stainless-steel vapor channel.

use the 3D screens (for anybody with a PAX 3 or better)

One of the main drawbacks of any dry herb vaporizer is how often you need to clean them. PAX is one of the easiest to clean, and a new screen design helps minimize the issue, since most of the build up occurred around the bottom edge of the oven. With the introduction of the 3D screens, PAX Plus has completely revolutionized things. Now the screen draws air through holes on each end to offer better airflow and even heat exposure—resulting in a dramatic reduction in residual build up. if you have a PAX 3, you should definitely upgrade to the new 3D screens.

use heat setting #2 for a long & flavorful session

If you want a long, drawn out session with several hits, set your PAX device to setting #2, because this will offer incredible flavor and a cloud with maximum potency and minimal irritation; this means no coughing and easy for low-key puffing. If you aren't worried about irritation, let's say you're already a smoker, then crank up the heat: Troy at 420 Vape Zone recommended the third temperature setting on the PAX 3 (400°F), because it maximized vapor production and flavor without over drying the material.

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