quick facts: vaporizer dosing capsules

quick facts: vaporizer dosing capsules

If you've ever owned a portable dry herb vaporizer, chances are that you've heard about dosing capsules. These small metal containers are designed to hold a single serving of dried herb (about 0.15g) in a convenient package that makes it easy to insert into your vape whenever its time for a session. If you're considering getting dosing capsules, here are a few things to consider:

Dosing Capsules Keep Vaporizers Clean

Since all of the herb goes inside the dosing capsule, none of it makes direct contact with the heading elements inside your device. This added layer of material prevents build up inside the oven, which makes it easier to keep things clean.

Vaporizer Dosing Capsules Reduce Clutter

Fill up a few dosing capsules to reduce the clutter inside your travel bag. If you're always on the move, it's annoying to bring your heavy grinder or big ol' jar of herbs along for the journey. By using dosing capsules, you can have as many sessions as you want ready to go, without the need for the extra tools. Storz & Bickel offers a great dosing capsule magazine that holds 8 capsules in a convenient storage container that doubles as a filling funnel. 

Vaporizer Dosing Capsules Are Tiny

If you consider yourself clumsy, be prepared to lose some dosing capsules because these things are tiny. They're designed to fit inside of your favorite dry herb vaporizers, so most of them are about the diameter of a dime. If you'd rather not deal with a bunch of dosing capsules, consider an alternative: smoothee can hold enough material to fill a dozen capsules!

How to Clean Dosing Capsules

To clean the dosing capsules, just tap out the herb and dunk them in isopropyl alcohol. Give them a good shake while submerged to ensure all of the vent holes are clear and ready for the next sesh.

Dosing Capsules Get Hot During Use

Dosing capsules are 100% metal, usually stainless steel. After sitting in your vaporizer's oven at 360˚F for a few minutes, the dosing capsule will be extremely hot (if not exactly  360˚F)—so be careful when handling them after the session. If you like to consume multiple sessions back-to-back, maybe a smoothee is a better solution for you. Smoothee can hold over 4 grams, so packing multiple sessions is simple to do—plus there's nothing hot to manage.

Dosing Capsules Increase Heat Conduction

The metal dosing capsule will get hot inside of your vaporizer's oven. This means the capsule acts as a heat conductor, which adds a little extra contact heat in convection vaporizers, which transfer all of their heat through the air. This may change the result of your vapor session, so keep keep it in mind when selecting your temperature.

Smoothee vs. Dosing Capsules

Smoothee is a solid alternative to dosing capsules because it simplifies things. The pocket-sized container can stash over 4 grams of ground herb and includes a removable poker tool to keep your vaporizer clean. We recommend cleaning out the oven immediately after every session with the smoothee stem, before things start to cool down.

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